Submitting your resume is pretty much like going on a first date.

1. The Looks

Remember spending hours trying out different outfits and hairstyles because you wanted to impress a date. We know we have to invest time and effort in order to impress, and the same applies to your resume.

Don’t be boring with the same old “Arial,” “Times New Roman,” “One Headline,” and “a zillion bullet points”. Do you think your date is going to be impressed by your 5-minute formatting job?

How can you look better than the average 40 other applicants who are hoping for a second date? Get personal, make the content about YOUR features and experience, use a modern font, get the formatting and presentation looking as polished and professional as you want to be perceived. Maybe visually highlight certain passages in your resume more. One thing is for sure, professionals will be able to tell how much time you invested.

2. The Talk

If you got your looks right (that is, your resume looked good enough to read) you’re on your first date when the recruiter or employer actually READS it. And, just as you would find the right topics to talk about on a first date, you need to do the same in your resume. The content of your resume is the TALK. You should only be including topics of interest to the reader, in other words, information that relates to your suitability for the role you applied for.

Finding the right topic on a first date can be really easy and smooth if you already know what the other person is interested in. The good news is, in the resume situation you already have tons of information about what the other side is interested in and what they are looking for from the job ad and your research on the company.

Don’t talk too much, means don’t include everything you’ve ever done in your resume if it’s not relevant information. Have you ever been on the “receiving” end of a date, where the other person just keeps on rambling about their entire life story? You probably stopped listening after a while, and started thinking about how to end this date as soon as possible. Definitely no second date.

Giving the right information may lead to a second date, to get to know you better.

The second date is the interview. Well done.

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