2021 – can you believe we’re already approaching March? Just yesterday it felt like we were celebrating the fact that 2020 was over and planning for the year ahead, and now, we’re about to tick off Q1.

And if you’re a hiring manager, that planning probably involved thinking about expanding your team to handle the coming year.

Has the thought of expanding your team been sitting on the backburner for a couple of months (or even years) now? If so, now’s the time to dust those plans off and start putting them into action.

Of course, the year that just passed was a pretty major one that shook up a lot of the basic assumptions about the way we all do business overnight.

And not to mention, it’s also changed the way that recruitment works as well!


How do you recruit in 2021? The latest trends in recruitment

What are employers looking for in 2021? A focus on flexibility

Simply put, things don’t always go according to plan in business – while it’s unlikely we’ll have to deal with something quite as disruptive as COVID again in our lifetime, that doesn’t change the fact that things can be unpredictable.

As such, it’s crucial that your employees are flexible, and able to adapt to changes in the economy, your services and your office operations.

Honestly, we’re surprised that it took a global pandemic to push this to the forefront of hiring managers’ priority lists!

It isn’t just applicants that need to be flexible…

Thanks to WFH directives, remote working options have gone from nice-to-have to absolutely essential for many applicants.

Maybe they’ve gotten used to having the time to do the school drop-off. Perhaps they love the fact that they don’t need to commute. It could be that they like being nearby to respond to emergencies at home. It could even be a case where they find the home office less distracting.

The point is, a lot of job applicants have gotten used to the extra flexibility WFH offers, and have come to expect it. If you want to attract high-quality candidates, your remote work options may attract a lot of scrutiny from job applicants going forward.

More reliance on software

While the necessity of remote interviews pushed this forward, this was something that was already happening anyway!

Today’s recruiters are increasingly relying on reputable software to help them evaluate job applicants. That means:

  • Using computer programs to read through resumes
  • Digital testing and quizzes
  • Online aptitude and personality tests
  • Conducting video interviews

Not only do these speed up the process, but when used properly, they also enable agencies to source a much wider range of applicants than before (since we now have systems to handle the extra workload).

If you work with an employment agency in Melbourne, you can expect them to utilise a lot of systems to help fill your vacancies.

More supportive, understanding workplaces are the norm

We’ve talked about this several times, but it bears repeating: in order to get the most out of your remote working set-up, it’s crucial that you support your workers.

And after almost a full year of using such systems (in Melbourne, at least!) it’s little wonder that many employees – and therefore, applicants – have come to expect more supportive workplaces.

If you want to recruit in 2021, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you’re willing to meet employees halfway, and that you’re willing to back them up if things go wrong (something that can happen anytime, as 2020 taught us all).

Client relationships are king

You aren’t the only organisation that’s working on building stronger connections and relationships with your clients and suppliers – recruitment agencies are also working to foster these relationships.

Gone are the days when your recruitment agency would basically cut contact once they got their commission.

Nowadays, agencies try their best to keep in touch with clients like you, checking in to ensure that things are working out on your end. They’re also tailoring their services, and working hard to keep records of your needs should you need other roles filled in the future.

Whether it’s a periodic check-up or follow-up services, more and more agencies are starting to realise that these relationships are more important than ever.


What is the best recruitment strategy?

While the trends may be changing, there’s one thing that hasn’t gone out of fashion yet: the need for a coherent recruitment strategy.

Many businesses – in particular, small ones – wing it when it comes to recruitment. They deal with things as they occur, instead of having a plan in place that guides their decisions and which provides structure and guidance.

What happens usually looks a little something like this:

  1. Notice that work is starting to slow and deadlines are being missed as your team is overworked
  2. Figuring out whether or not you need to bring in a new team member
  3. Put together a job ad, with details about the predicted role
  4. Dealing with resumes as they come through
  5. Manually sifting through applications as you figure out what you need
  6. Conducting interviews and making an offer

While it works, it‘s also much longer and more time-consuming than if you relied on a recruitment agency in Melbourne instead!

Recruitment strategies are about more than helping you choose a suitable applicant for the job – it’s also about helping you time your recruitment and ensure that your organisation has enough people when it needs them, and that you aren’t struggling to keep up.

What are some examples of a recruitment strategy?

Your recruitment strategy will be unique to your organisation – after all, your needs differ from other businesses.

While the details may differ, the basics are still the same. Basically, it’s something that clearly lays out:

  • What roles you’ll recruit for
  • When you should start looking (with specific metrics to track)
  • Which areas are most likely to need expanding in the near future
  • The processes you use when hiring
  • Who’s going to help you (will you do it yourself or engage an agency?)
  • How the new hire ties into and supports your overall company objectives

Having all of this set out before you start hiring can help speed things up considerably and take the tension off your team.

Don’t be afraid to get granular either. For example, you might have a specific turnover goal before you add another member to your in-house bookkeeping team to keep up with demand.

Another example would be the exact skills you’re looking for. Having these picked out in advance can save considerable time when the time comes to hire later on!


What’s a hiring trend? The increasing use of recruitment agencies

With larger organisations in particular, it’s becoming more and more popular to engage HR recruitment agencies in Melbourne to assist with recruitment instead of doing it all in-house.

Simply put, employers are getting choosier with who they select to fill a vacancy. As a result, many are turning to specialists to help choose the right people for the role.

Whether it’s complete end-to-end recruitment services or unbundled services that help fill the gaps their own internal HR departments aren’t able to fill, it’s a boom time for employment agencies.


Recruiting is a lot harder than people give it credit for – just getting a good ‘vibe’ isn’t enough, especially when money’s on the line.

The best recruitment agencies in Melbourne understand this, and use a huge range of different techniques to determine whether or not someone is a good fit for your organisation.

Speaking of which…

Specialised tools

You don’t just have to take an applicant’s word anymore – nowadays, you can test their knowledge and skills using a range of testing systems.

In addition to assignments, if you have a recruitment agency on your side, you’ll also have access to things like personality tests, aptitude testing, problem-solving tests and more.

More qualified applicants

While we can’t speak for other agencies, our permanent recruitment agency casts a wide net when sourcing applicants. We go through multiple channels, and have access to a huge database of qualified office support staff who are looking for work.

In some cases, we can even headhunt suitable applicants!

It’s all thanks to our vast network and contacts that we can do this.

While we’re sure you could probably cast an equally-wide net, that takes time – why waste time and let your team get overwhelmed when you could use our team’s network?

How do you stay current with hiring trends? Talk to a professional

You don’t recruit that often – and that’s fine.

However, it also means that you don’t have a reason to keep up with hiring trends. So when the time comes to add to your team, you either don’t know what’s changed in the recruitment market, or you have to spend ages researching.

Just another reason to contact a professional!


Call a professional to take care of your recruitment needs

Recruiting is just like any other industry: we’re subject to trends, fads and all sorts of changes.

Since you aren’t engrossed in the industry, you get a pass for not knowing how things are shaking up.

However, if you start recruiting without an understanding of these trends, you might find yourself in trouble!

Luckily, this can all be avoided by a job agency in Melbourne to look after your recruitment needs.

Qudos Recruitment is a permanent and temp work agency in Melbourne that specialises in connecting organisations like yours with the most suitable candidates for the job.

And we aren’t just talking about the practical skills and experience, either – our team focuses on choosing applicants with the right:

  • Personality and mindset
  • Soft skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Find out how we can help find the perfect person for the job – give our team a call on (03) 9821 4144 or click here to get in touch online.