Applying for a job is a lot of work – you’ll need to:

  • Search for job openings
  • Network, network, network
  • Write unique, captivating, and tailored cover letters
  • Attend several rounds of interviews
  • Undergo skills and personality testing

You don’t need us to tell you that it can feel incredibly overwhelming and stressful – just about everyone has a job-hunting story to share!

Luckily, that isn’t your only avenue.

A lot of people overlook applying with a recruitment agency during their job hunt. Maybe it’s because of a bad experience in the past either as an applicant or a client. Perhaps it’s because they’re worried about the loss of control over where they end up.

Either way, they’re missing a whole bunch of potential positions!

Has the job hunt gotten you down? Looking to cast a wider net?

If so, it might be time to get in touch with a recruiter.


Applying with a recruitment consultant in Melbourne: how it works

Step 1: you find a position we’re hiring for

The first step our recruitment consultants take is to cast a wide net, drawing in as many applicants as possible on behalf of our clients.

We put job listings on a wide variety of different avenues, with the exact ones depending on the position as well as the client’s requirements. For higher level positions, we might even use our connections to headhunt suitable candidates!

For applicants like you, this is your first contact with a recruitment consultant.

Step 2: your make your application

Once you’ve found a listing, for example, an office support role, it’s time to fill out your application.

For a lot of people, all they do is send in their resume with a quick introductory email. At our recruitment agency however, we’re a little more strategic.

Our focus is on finding the best candidate. That means choosing somebody whose personality, traits and soft skills match the organisation and the role.

In order to succeed, you’ll need to list more than just your work experience and previous roles – you’ll want to ensure that you get these important traits across, and that each one is clearly communicated.

Step 3: you get tested

You might be used to recruitment agencies that just ask you for your skills and experiences.

Well, we like to go a little bit further than that!

Like we mentioned above, we like to go beyond hard skills and experience when recruiting.

Depending on the role, we might employ testing that gives us insight into your:

  • Personality
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Emotional intelligence

Step 4: that isn’t the only type of testing you might be subjected to…

In many cases, our clients might be hiring for highly-specialised roles that require specific skills.

Needless to say, it’s pretty important that candidates for these roles can actually carry out the duties required in the job description.

As part of your application process for these roles, you may be assigned a mock assignment or project to complete.

Whether it’s an actual case the client dealt with in the past or a hypothetical situation, these are a way for you to demonstrate your technical skills, your process as well as how you deal with unexpected issues.

Step 5: interviewing

How many interviews you sit through depends on the client.

Some take care of interviewing themselves, and use their recruitment agency to look after all the grunt work – others like to let us do most of the work, only stepping for the final interview.

It all depends on the client, as well as what role they’re trying to fill!

Need video interview tips? Here are some great tips to nail your video interview.


Our permanent recruitment consultants keep you posted about other opportunities

We like to talk about how choosing a recruitment consultant can help businesses save time and money – but what about applicants?

One of the hardest parts of any job search is finding positions in the first place.

How many hours have you spent scouring job websites, connecting with people in your professional network, or even cold-calling HR and recruitment managers?

It’s a lot of time and effort – and it’s something our recruitment consultants in Melbourne can take off your hands.

If you don’t have any luck getting into the position you’re applying for, don’t worry – our recruitment agents keep all applicants on file. If another position that opens up which fits you, we’ll get in touch.

With the sheer number of clients we work with, it won’t be long until we’re in touch!


Need work? Get in touch with our permanent and temporary recruitment consultants

Like most other agencies, our focus is on helping our clients – unlike others however, we believe that applicants like you are our clients too!

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent office support role in Melbourne, our team is the one to call.

Our recruitment agency specialises in placing applicants in positions that perfectly match your:

  • Skills and experiences
  • Personal traits
  • Career objectives and goals

It’s all about getting to know you, recognising your potential and your goals, and helping you get there.

Find out how we can help you today – contact our team on (03) 9821 4144 or click here to submit your application.