Using social media in recruitment: everything you need to know

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How does your organisation use social media?

If you’re like most, you might use it to:

  • Run promotions
  • Connect with customers
  • Build your online profile and communicate your brand personality

One other usage that a lot of organisations seem to overlook however is the role it can play in recruiting.

While it isn’t our primary tool, employment recruitment agencies often use social media to find quality candidates.

And it isn’t just HR recruitment agencies, either – you can use social media as well during a recruitment drive, as well as outside of when you’re recruiting to make yours look like an organisation worth applying for in the future!

Tip 1) Don’t forget that social media exists

When hiring, it’s important that you get the word out there. While there are many avenues to do so, one that often gets overlooked is social media.

Depending on how big your social media footprint and reach are, you may be able to reach a whole load more potential applicants than using the traditional methods.

More importantly, many will already be followers of your organisation, guaranteeing a level of buy-in, loyalty and belief in your core mission right off the bat!

Now, this isn’t to say that you should rely entirely on the applicants that come in through social media – experience matters just as much as belief in your organisation.

What we are saying however is that this is a powerful – and often overlooked – part of your recruitment.

Think about social media advertising as well

Social media posts aren’t the only way you can bring attention to your recruitment drive – it’s also worth thinking about social media advertising.

Most social media platforms have extensive advertising systems that allow you to target audiences based on a huge range of different factors. Using these, you may be able to reach potential applicants.

Not to mention, most use a pay-per-click model – you’ll only pay for ads when people engage with them, instead of paying upfront, making them a more cost-effective option for reaching applicants.

Tip 2) Promote your culture, and not just your business

What do you look for when applying for a job?

Obviously, pay and roles come to mind.

More than that however, you also look for a place where you fit in, a healthy working environment, and a company whose culture and values align with yours.

And so do potential applicants!

It’s crucial that you get your organisational culture and reputation across to applicants. While you can communicate this to a degree using the job description itself, in many cases, social media feels much more authentic.

In the lead-up to a big hiring drive, it might be work starting a social media campaign not just to let people know that you’re hiring, but also to promote your organisational culture and values.

That means talking about:

  • What you stand for
  • Your team dynamic
  • Your mission
  • How you support and reward your team

If it’s part of a big recruitment push specifically, we advise leaving the highly-polished corporate videos. Instead, try to…

Share stories from your current team members

After all, who better to communicate your culture and dynamic than a current employee?

Rounding up a few employees to share anecdotes and talk about their daily experiences and the types of work they do can be a powerful way of communicating your unique culture and atmosphere.

Better yet, get it in video!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either – so long as it looks approachable and more importantly, genuine, it’ll have a huge impact.

Tip 3) Quality beats quantity, every single time

When getting the message out there, our recruitment consultants in Melbourne believe that quality is better than quantity.

That’s why we focus on refining our job descriptions and taking over the vetting process to ensure that you only get the best candidates.

We believe that this should cover your recruiting and hiring as well – in particular, in the way you get your message out on social media!

Instead of having a whole bunch of mediocre social media posts, focus on creating content that:

  • Communicates your culture both visually and verbally
  • Features attractive-looking images
  • Is professional and sleek
  • Feature your branding and logos

In short, make social media content that looks like effort was put into it – and don’t be afraid to show off your brand, business, services, and people!

All of this takes a little bit more time – and that’s totally fine. It’s better to focus on getting quality content than it is to hit a quota.

This doesn’t just to the messages themselves, either…

Focus on only a couple of platforms – don’t spread yourself too thin

Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. Instagram. It’s tempting to try to blast your message across as many social media platforms as possible.

As any social media manager will tell you however, a better idea is to instead focus on the social media channels that your intended target audience uses.

Just remember that the social media platform you use to connect with your customer base might not be the same ones that a potential applicant might look at!

This rule doesn’t just apply for social media marketing – if you’re planning on using social media to alert people to your hiring campaign, it’s something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Not only is there the risk of not actually reaching the people you want to reach, but there’s also the risk of spreading yourself too thin if you try to cover all of your bases. It’s better to have a handful of super impactful channels than a whole bunch that don’t really say anything!

How our employment agency in Melbourne can help

Social media is just one part of the recruitment process – and a relatively small one, at that.

As we’re sure you know, there’s a lot of grunt work that comes with adding to or expanding your roster of staff.

And that’s on top of all your regular responsibilities as well!

Whether it’s permanent staff to bolster your team or temp workers to get through a tough season or project, we’re one of the best employment agencies in Melbourne when it comes to getting results.

That isn’t a boast – we’ve achieved an astonishing 80% referral rate for all the businesses and organisations that choose us to look after their recruitment!

And it’s all thanks to our:

  • Ability to see beyond experience and qualifications
  • Focus on personality and “soft” skills
  • Ability to cast a wide net when looking for qualified candidates

Whatever role you’re looking for, our team can help. Whether you need someone to take care of the entire recruitment process end-to-end or simply just need us to take care of a specific part of recruiting for you, we’ve got you covered.

All you need to do is get in contact with our recruitment consultants– give us a ring on (03) 9821 4144, or click here to get in touch online.

You can also visit us for recruitment agency in Melbourne: pop into our office at Level 5, 437 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

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