The role of an Administrative Assistant is a support role, usually in an office setting. These professionals support management and other employees, as well as office visitors, customers, and clients through a variety of tasks and duties. As one of the best temp agencies in Melbourne this is a role we love to fill.

These duties can vary significantly from one position to the next, but typically include general office functions and secretarial work.

So, exactly what does an Administrative Assistant do?

Keep reading to get a more in-depth look at this career and what it has to offer.

Administrative Assistant Qualifications

To become an Administrative Assistant, an individual must first be very organised and have strong interpersonal skills.

One of the main functions of this role is to act as a liaison between staff, customers, clients, vendors, and other parties. Therefore, interpersonal communication skills are critical to this role.

These professionals are also decision makers in many cases and may be required to prioritise tasks and make decisions on behalf of others. This requires confidence and good judgement.

Going back to organisational skills, an admin assistant typically handles a lot of filing, scheduling, and correspondence. Thus, having a solid ingrained ability to stay organised and pay attention to detail will serve an individual well in this role.

Other common qualifications requested in admin staff job postings in Melbourne include:

  • Typing and word processing skills
  • Microsoft Office and other computer skills, including internet usage, software, and hardware
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to arrange meetings, travel, and other scheduling needs
  • Ordering supplies
  • Advanced degree, specialised training, or experience (for some listings)

Every position is different in the field of admin work, so there may or may not be formal education requirements for every job listing. As with any job, additional qualifications and training that you may have, beyond what is required, are going to put you ahead of the competition and give you a better chance of getting the position.

Administrative Assistant Duties And Responsibilities

Typically, Administrative Assistants handle duties such as:

  • Answering telephones, including transferring calls and taking messages
  • Scheduling appointments, meetings, interviews, and other events
  • Creating, editing, and sharing documents
  • Preparing and distributing memos, reports, and invoices
  • Maintaining filing systems and electronic databases
  • Basic bookkeeping and accounting

As mentioned previously, these professionals tend to wear a lot of hats. There is a lot of diversity in the potential duties and responsibilities for this role. This list merely serves to give you a general idea of what to expect.

How do I become an administrative assistant?

As with the responsibilities of this role, the required education, training, and experience vary from one job listing to the next.

Many secondary school graduates that have taken basic computer classes are qualified for entry-level positions. however, technical schools and community colleges also offer word processing, computer-related courses, and other administrative course selections for those who want or need further training before pursuing a career.

Other options for training and education include two-year University programs and training and certification courses available from some administration recruitment agencies in Melbourne. Some employers also require prior job experience.

How long does it take?

On-the-job training for this career can usually be done in a matter of weeks. During this time, Administrative Assistants will learn things like job-specific procedures and tasks, as well as industry-specific information they may need to know.

Those working in medical and legal fields may require more extensive industry training. Courses and university programs range in length from a few weeks to two years, depending on the type of training or coursework chosen.

Since these professionals can work at many levels in the business world, the length of training and prior experience required for a position can vary greatly. Some entry-level positions require almost no prior experience or education, while Executive Assistant positions may require a full degree in the field and 2 or more years of work experience in a similar role.

What other jobs are available to admin staff melbourne?

Because administrative staff members serve such a versatile role in the workplace, they tend to qualify for many similar and related positions, as well.

When it comes to other jobs for admin staff, the Melbourne job market has a lot to offer. Those with experience in this field can also find work in related roles like:

  • Secretarial work
  • General office clerk
  • Executive assistant
  • Personal assistant
  • Customer service
  • Mailroom clerk
  • Bookkeeper or accounting clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Legal assistant or paralegal

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