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After 20 years in the business, Qudos has carved out a reputation for leadership in market excellence.

Our dedicated team of consultants is focused on building long-standing relationships with clients across a range of industries, big and small.

The secret to our success? Investing the time and effort to select only the top 5% calibre of candidates for your role.

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Recruitment agency Melbourne

Recruitment agency Melbourne

Recruitment services for all industries

As a bespoke Melbourne staffing agency, we’re on a singular mission to get meaningful results in the most transparent and genuine way.

Businesses often talk about their purpose. Ours is beautifully simple: we love what we do and we put people at the heart of everything we do.

Every type of industry and organisation depends on support staff and our range of industry experience is wide and varied and always interesting. We’re just as passionate about finding the right people who will thrive in a role whether it be for a small business or to a global corporate conglomerate.

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What we do

Qudos has long been the recruitment agency of choice for a wide range of industries.

– Accounting, Business Services And Consulting
– Managed Facilities, Research, Manufacturers
– Local, Australian And International
– Private Wealth, Investment, Finance, Superannuation
– Research, Development And Manufacturers
– All Indices
– Independent Schools, Universities, Intl Education Agents

Don’t see your industry represented here? Get in touch with us anyway to see how our recruitment agency in Melbourne can help you!

Qudos Recruitment Services Melbourne

Our Clients

Join the hundreds of companies that have found the perfect person for the job

Our job agency in Melbourne is a cut above the rest

Beyond the

Our consultants select candidates with the most impressive skills, CV and ability to ‘fit’ into your organisation’s culture.


We’re an award-winning recruitment agency Melbourne with a unique accent on finding quality temporary, permanent and contract staff in office and business support.

A team that

Not only does our experienced team have vast network reach and market insights, we genuinely have your best interests at heart.

Business based
on goodwill

Our clients and our candidates are our greatest source of referrals. We know we’re doing something right when people we work with stay with us, or keep coming back!


All our interactions and relationships are fuelled by core values of integrity, innovation and personalised service.

John SmithThe company
… So many agencies are super keen at the start and then you never hear from them.
Qudos is not like that. I’ve been incredibly grateful for Chloe’s regular support and advice during my job hunting process.”   Highly recommend.

Shelby O. – Qudos Candidate
John SmithThe company

They invest time and effort into building strong relationships and partnerships – with candidates and clients. Regardless of whether you have a role for them to fill, they will still make the effort to stay in touch and show genuine interest in understanding the organisations they work with. You never feel like just another number either which is rare in today’s recruitment industry.

 Julie Quinlan – Principal HR Consultant, EQ People
John SmithThe company

They [Qudos] are a very good business, probably one of the best recruitment companies in the market.

Hillary Wolf – Workplace Relations Lead, HESTA
John SmithThe company

I feel that I have a great working relationship with my contact at Qudos. There is open communication and mutual respect.

 Angela James – Qudos Temp Team Member

Find temporary staff

Interim placements

Whether it’s a seasonal increase in demand or a valued staff member going on long service leave, we work hard to break the temp staffing stereotype and connect you with temporary staff who are equally skilled and competent.

Hire temporary staff

Find permanent staff

High calibre candidates

Recruitment is an arduous, time-consuming process. We take all that work off your hands, connecting you with permanent staff who aren’t just experienced and skilled, but who “click” with you, believe in your mission and fit seamlessly into your corporate culture.

Hire permanent staff

Permanent and temporary job agency in Melbourne

Whether you’re scaling your business up or simply need help coping with a seasonal spike in demand, we’ve got the staff you need.

When it comes to office support staff, you want the very best.

Whether it’s a temporary hire to plug a gap or a permanent addition to your team, we approach your needs with the exact same attitude and consideration for your business.

Temporary staff Melbourne

Staff leave. A major project. Seasonal changes in demand.

These are just some of the reasons you might find yourself short-staffed.

If you need staff quickly to deal with a back-log or an increase in workload and you don’t have the time or the resources to find the right people for the job, Qudos can help.

If you need a certain skill-set or specific experience for the work that needs doing, we have a large pool of talented, versatile Temps with a broad range of skills and experience to draw on to locate an ideal temp for you.

Our Temp recruitment agency in Melbourne can help you to streamline the process of finding quality Temp staff quickly and cost effectively

Whether it’s for short term or long term temporary or contract, our team can find you the staff you need.

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Permanent staff Melbourne

When adding a new member to your team, it’s important to choose someone who will be a good fit.

In addition to technical skills and experience, that means choosing someone who:

  • Fits with your company culture
  • Has the personal traits you’re looking for
  • Believes in your mission statement

At Qudos we go the extra mile to find the right people who not only fit your technical job requirements, but just as importantly, have the experience and the right personal attributes that you, your team and the business needs.

We drill down to understand what you really need and want in a new employee and recruit to your specific brief. We believe that every new hire should be an asset to an organisation.

We focus on a candidate’s ability, potential and work values to enable us to make introductions to an organisation where they will thrive and be successful.

The results are well worth going the extra mile.

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How does our employment recruitment agency work?

Check out the roles we fill

A laser-sharp selection process is the key to our continued success in temporary and permanent recruitment.

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