How to use social media for recruitment

The Recruitment World Has Seen a Revolution

Leveraging social media has been shown to improve candidate quality by 44% over using only “traditional” recruiting techniques like phone screenings and filtering resumes based solely on skills and experience.

Social media allows not only information about a candidate’s experience and skills, but a glimpse into their lifestyle, values and cultural fit. This is crucial for companies looking not just to recruit and hire, but also to engage employees and improve retention rates.

Originally social media’s importance to recruiting has been limited to the way it is used to weed out candidates who might be a bad fit – those unprotected (possibly racist or sexist) tweets can do serious damage.

But networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have become a convenient and comprehensive way for recruiters to find, ‘like’ and connect with candidates.

Filtering candidates through social media platforms also helps determine if they would be willing to consider a move.

When using LinkedIn as a screening tool, one can also look for candidates who’ve gained endorsements, who belong to professional groups and follow relevant companies and people.

This tells the recruiter that they are engaged and active in their profession, and are likely to be engaged and active as one of our employees. You can’t find that kind of information on a resume.

From a recruiting perspective, having a well-defined social media brand can help attract the best passive candidates.

Companies now need to sell their workplace cultures not just to attract the right candidates but to influence their decisions about where to work, and attract like-minded talent.

In addition, continued use of social media will help companies attract the next-generation workforce, as millennials continue to use social and mobile technology in their career efforts.

Of course, recruiters and hiring managers are still using social media in a more traditional way, to post open positions or as a platform to reach broader segments of their industry in hopes of luring potential employees.

Companies can also improve targeted outreach and profiling by broadcasting industry-related news, and then advertising jobs through commentary. This not only helps to find new candidates and draw interest and awareness to find talent but also to promote the company’s brand.

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