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Good staff are the key to your success.

Whether you need a temporary, contract or a permanent addition to your team, you want a staffing agency who:

  • Is a credible, professional source you can trust
  • Will guarantee their service
  • Can provide the right staff efficiently and cost effectively
  • Will understand exactly what you need and when

With over 20 years of experience in recruitment for some of Melbourne’s biggest and smallest employers, you can be confident that we’ll find you the right person for the job the first time around. Every recruitment consultant at Qudos is a senior consultant with the experience and expertise to meet your staffing needs effectively and promptly.

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Find office staff in Melbourne

We’ve got every office role covered

With each hiring decision, you need to invest considerable time to ensure you select the perfect candidate for the position – time you won’t always have.

Qudos will save you time and money.

Our recruitment consultants in Melbourne have one goal: to make recruitment faster, easier and more economical for you.

We specialise in sourcing quality, temporary and permanent office support staff for all types of organisations.

We know that you don’t just need someone who can do the job – you want someone who understands what you stand for, and who clicks with the rest of your team.

With our consultative approach, that’s exactly what we promise!

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Office Staff in Melbourne

Our office staff roles

We find the top 5% of candidates at all levels in various industries to fill your specific role.

Qudos Executive assistant icon

You lead a busy life. Business decisions, meetings, correspondence – all of these fight for your attention.

Get your time back.

Our executive and personal assistants don’t just look after your affairs – they’ll also optimise your time and take care of all the things that don’t need your direct input, maximising the amount of time you have to do the things only you can.

Qudos administration staff icon

Team and administrative assistants are the oil that keeps the machine that is your office running smoothly.

You want to ensure that these positions are filled by applicants who are organised, driven and competent. Whether it’s a temporary vacancy or a permanent job, you can trust our recruitment consultants in Melbourne to keep your team running.

Qudos Communication Staff Icon

Admin workers are the lifeblood of any office or workplace. Admin can be the difference between an efficient and orderly office, and one that struggles to get anything done.
Ensure your office falls into the first category, and not the second.

Qudos Recruitment connects you with experienced administrative and office managers that you can trust to keep your office running like a well-oiled machine.

Qudos icon accountant

Accounting is the language of business. Cash flow, balance sheets, budgets, expense reports – these tell you everything you need to know to make the right calls.

Need a translator? We connect you with accounting professionals who don’t just tell you the numbers, but who also break it down for you and help you set your business’ direction.

Qudos Receptionist Icon

Reception workers are the face and voice of your company, being the first person customers, job applicants, visitors and suppliers talk to.

Such an important role demands a skilled applicant. With our pool of talented applicants and ability to find many more, Qudos Recruitment ensures that your reception desk is staffed by the best person for the job.

Qudos customer service icon

We find customer service workers who aren’t just presentable and polite, but who genuinely care about your customers and who work hard to keep your clientele happy.

Not everyone has the temperament or personality for a customer service role. We choose candidates with extensive experience in customer service positions, who you can trust to provide the best possible customer experience.

Qudos Marketing Staff Icon

Each company’s requirements are unique. Whether you’re looking for a marketing assistant, an event planner or somebody to look after your press releases, you need to account for this.

That’s why we start by understanding your marketing and event goals, as well as the tone and company personality you’re trying to convey – only then can we choose marketing, event and communications staff who can accurately convey everything you stand for.

Qudos HR Training icons

Your staff are your most valuable resource. Look after them, and they’ll look after you.

We can connect you with experienced HR and training staff who you can trust to minimise conflict, keep your team working together and ensure that everyone’s up-to-date on their training and qualifications.

Temporary and permanent recruitment agency Melbourne

Temporary/permanent recruitment agency Melbourne
New staff are a major investment. It’s important that you partner with a professional staffing agency for the widest coverage of available quality candidates and for the professional recruitment process necessary to make the correct hiring decision, the first time around.

The people working in your company can affect its culture, efficiency, performance and profitability so it pays to ensure you are getting people who will be an asset to your business. Qudos can maximise your ROI by saving you the time and cost of successful recruiting outcomes.

This applies regardless of whether it’s a permanent addition or a temporary hire to fill a gap.

We specialise in finding quality staff for Temporary, Contract and Permanent roles efficiently and cost effectively.

Getting you the ideal staff, when you need them.

For whatever reason, if a Temp is the ideal solution for your circumstances, you can depend on Qudos to place the right person for your needs, quickly and cost effectively
You can be assured that the temp we place with you has been thoroughly assessed and tested to the highest professional recruitment standards.
We have an extensive bank of work- ready, qualified Temps, ready to go and available at short notice saving you the recruitment time, effort and expense that you may not have when you need new staff quickly.

When time is of the essence, our recruitment consultants in Melbourne deliver! We work fast to fill vacancies and keep your team at full-strength.

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Grow your business with confidence.

As your business expands, so too does your office staff. Make no mistake, good staff are key to your continued success.

Qudos provides a flexible range of permanent recruitment solutions to find the best candidates for our clients, quickly, cost effectively and with minimum disruption to their business.

We are a team of experienced recruitment specialists with professional expertise and commitment, and a vast candidate network that has been developed over two decades.

We work with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their business, its culture and values and staffing needs. And we match that with like-minded, talented individuals who not only have the skills to do the job but are a great ‘fit’ for their business.

It’s this combined focus on personal attributes and professional abilities that leads to more successful job placement outcomes and has resulted in our 80% referral and repeat business rate!

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Punching above our weight

How are we able to get such great results?

One word: Experience.

Each of our Consultants has 10-20 years of industry experience, which we leverage to ensure your company receives the best possible, service experience, advice and recruitment outcomes.

A culture of collaboration underpins all of our work.

Our team works with each other on assignments and projects, making use of each team member’s insights and professional networks to connect you with the quality candidates.

We’re a boutique specialist in Office, Business Operations and Accounting Support staffing. We have the dexterity, agility and genuine personalised service of a boutique sized business yet the reach, networks and technical capability of larger national agencies.

As the local market experts, we have a deeper footprint in the Melbourne market. We’ve earned the respect and reputation as the agency of choice of many leading employers, global corporates as well as SME’s.

Qudos Temporary and permanent recruitment Punching above our weight

Find temporary staff

Interim placements

Whether it’s a seasonal increase in demand or a valued staff member going on long service leave, we work hard to break the temp staffing stereotype and connect you with temporary staff who are equally skilled and competent.

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Find permanent staff

High calibre candidates

Recruitment is an arduous, time-consuming process. We take all that work off your hands, connecting you with permanent staff who aren’t just experienced and skilled, but who “click” with you, believe in your mission and fit seamlessly into your corporate culture.

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