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Our location is our strength

While it may not sound like that big of a deal, the fact that we’re based in Melbourne is a big part of what makes us so successful!

The recruitment landscape today is vastly different from when we first opened our doors – it’s easier than ever to publish an ad and it’s even possible to engage a recruitment agency from anywhere in the country.

However, when it comes to finding the perfect person for the role you’re hiring for, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of choosing someone who’s local to you.

And that means choosing a recruitment agency that’s based in Melbourne.

Local knowledge matters just as much as our recruitment process or our ability to determine who is the best fit for a role when it comes to choosing somebody to fill a role at your organisation.Just another reason why you should put your temporary and permanent recruitment needs in the hands of Qudos Recruitment!

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And oftentimes, that means going beyond just putting an ad up online and waiting for the resumes to come in.

One of the reasons so many large organisations based in Melbourne choose (and continue to choose) Qudos Recruitment is our large professional network which we use to source high-quality candidates.

Our strong local focus means that this network is heavily Melbourne-focused, allowing us to get the best results for Melbourne-based businesses.

This is just one of the reasons why you need to entrust your recruitment needs to a local.

Simply put, a locally based recruiter in Melbourne like Qudos gets what you need. A local understands your needs, as well as what makes the employment marketing in Melbourne unique from Australia’s other cities.

Why you need
an employment agency
in Melbourne specifically

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We get it

A trendy office in the CBD has very different culture and recruitment requirements from an office attached to a factory in the suburbs. As locals, we understand what speaks to Melbourne businesses, no matter where they’re based.

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We have strong relationships
and networks

Over the last 24 years, we’ve built up an impressive network throughout Melbourne. This is what allows us to source such high-quality candidates and applicants for you – and it’s only possible because we focus on working with businesses in Melbourne.

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We’re locals

The employment market here can be very different compared to another city – something that an agency based elsewhere might not be able to help you with. All the more reason to entrust your recruitment to an agency that’s Melbourne born and bred!

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Permanent recruitment Melbourne

When it comes to permanent hires, it’s crucial that you get the right person for the job. After all, they may be a part of your team for years to come.

It’s in situations like these that our focus on finding the ideal fit for an opening really shines!

We’ve helped countless businesses in Melbourne fill permanent positions with candidates that don’t just have the right skills and experience, but the right personality and who offer a good culture fit as well.

If you’re looking for permanent staff, you can rely on our dedicated team and extensive Melbourne-centric professional network to find just what you’re looking for!

Temporary recruitment Melbourne

Just because it’s “only” a temporary role doesn’t mean that you can cut corners with temporary recruitment!

Temporary employees to cover seasonal, contract and long-service/parental leave are just as important as your permanent office team.

As such, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a team that goes to great lengths to ensure that even these temporary roles are filled by experienced, qualified staff who fit perfectly with your team.

And that begins by choosing a temporary recruitment consultant that’s based in Melbourne.

Find the right position for you with our job agency in Melbourne

It should go without saying that you should only send your resume out to recruiters based in your city

When you look for a job, there are a lot of things on your list of considerations.

On top of the standard things like salary and benefits, you’ll also want to look at the little things:

  • Distance from public transport

  • Traffic and commute times

  • Location and atmosphere

These are just some of the other details that can make-or-break an offer that otherwise ticks all the boxes.

In our opinion, a good agency doesn’t just connect you with opportunities that align with your career goals – the goal should be to find the perfect match, and that means they should also take into account all of these ”minor” factors in deciding whether or not it fits the bill.And more importantly, all of this requires a local’s insight!

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No matter how big your operation is, what industry you work in, or which part of Melbourne you’re based in, our specialty remains sourcing quality candidates for a range of roles.

From small businesses to large multinationals who are expanding their Melbourne offices, our team can help your business find the perfect person to fill your vacancy.

Find out how we can help – get in touch with our team of recruitment specialists today to get the conversation started!

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Whether it’s a seasonal increase in demand or a valued staff member going on long service leave, we work hard to break the temp staffing stereotype and connect you with temporary staff who are equally skilled and competent.

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Recruitment is an arduous, time-consuming process. We take all that work off your hands, connecting you with permanent staff who aren’t just experienced and skilled, but who “click” with you, believe in your mission and fit seamlessly into your corporate culture.

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