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As a receptionist recruitment agency based in Melbourne, we know that receptionist job roles can encompass a huge variety of tasks and responsibilities.

From high-level concierge front desk positions to multi-functional reception roles that may include a variety of other responsibilities or support duties, Qudos will source receptionists with the right experience and administrative skills for every reception requirement.

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With years of experience honing our selection criteria and interview techniques, Qudos carefully screens candidates to ensure only the best job seekers make it through the application process.

Our clients include some of Melbourne’s leading health organisations, design firms, insurance and publishing companies, educational services, and scientific and research organisations.

We focus on client needs to fully understand the requirements of the role, before determining if an applicant’s previous experience and administrative skills are suited to the position on offer.

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Skills to look for in a receptionist

A key factor in employing a Receptionist that will add value to your business is determining the skills and cultural fit required well before starting the hiring process.

  • Which aspects of the business will they be involved in?
  • Is there a prerequisite skill that is non-negotiable or will on-the-job training be sufficient?
  • Does your business use a specific brand of software that the receptionist will need to be familiar with?

A Receptionist in a manufacturing centre will need to be familiar with data entry, large databases, and logistics, while a Receptionist at a vocational training center will need focus on communication and induction and enrollment of students.

Our role here at Qudos is to help you flesh out the details of the position to be filled, and find the perfect person with the skills to excel in the role.

Qudos Receptionist Recruitment Agency

Common receptionist roles include:

Qudos Entry Level Receptionist

Entry Level Receptionist Melbourne

Entry-level receptionists are a key part of any office, playing a crucial role in your admin team in addition to being the first face a guest sees. It’s a crucial part of your team – that’s why our receptionist agency makes sure to only supply the best candidates possible.

Qudos Hotel Reception

Front Desk Hotel Receptionist Melbourne

Hotel receptionists don’t just look after reservations and direct guests to their rooms – they’re also problem-solvers who are responsible for meeting customer needs and solving issues as they arise.

Qudos Medical Reception

Recruitment Agency for Medical Receptionist

In addition to standard responsibilities, medical receptionists need to understand patient confidentiality laws and how to bulk bill. We select applicants with extensive experience in healthcare facilities, allowing them to get straight to work.

Qudos Front Desk

Temporary Receptionist Agency

Need a replacement now? We’ve got the people for you! Our temporary receptionists can quickly slide behind the front desk of any workplace – you won’t even realise there’s been a change of hands.

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Further roles include:

Qudos Corporate Receptionist

Corporate Receptionist

Qudos Medical Receptionist

Medical Receptionist

Qudos Relations Officer

Receptionist/Client Relations Officer

Qudos HR Training icons

Receptionist/Admin Support

Qudos Delivery Coordinator

Receptionist/Service Delivery Coordinator

Qudos Receptionist Icon

Receptionist/Team Assistant

Qudos Office Clerk

Receptionist/Events Coordinator Assistant

Qudos Permanent Staff

Reception Supervisor

Hire a receptionist in Melbourne that perfectly represents your organisation

It all starts with a single phone call

As the face and voice of your organisation, your receptionist plays an important role in making a positive first-impression with customers, potential partners and more.

While it’s important that every employee on your payroll fits in with your organisational culture and is willing to put on their best face, it’s especially important for reception staff.

Finding the perfect receptionist staff for your organisation goes beyond choosing somebody who can take appointments – it’s about choosing someone who embodies your organisation, who can deal with conflict, and who thinks fast on their feet to solve problems.

As part of our recruitment process, we employ in-depth personality and aptitude testing to ensure you’re connected with a reception team you can trust to represent your organisation.

Despite our small size, we’ve helped connect many big names with reception staff that perfectly represent the company. We strongly believe it’s this focus on personality fit and shared values that allow us to punch above our weight and have earned us a place alongside much bigger names!

Find the perfect executive assistant for your team – contact Qudos Recruitment today.

Qudos Recruitment network office manager

Find temporary staff

Interim placements

Whether it’s a seasonal increase in demand or a valued staff member going on long service leave, we work hard to break the temp staffing stereotype and connect you with temporary staff who are equally skilled and competent.

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Find permanent staff

High calibre candidates

Recruitment is an arduous, time-consuming process. We take all that work off your hands, connecting you with permanent staff who aren’t just experienced and skilled, but who “click” with you, believe in your mission and fit seamlessly into your corporate culture.

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