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Modern workplaces are multifaceted and the requirements and expectations of a Personal Assistant can vary enormously.

Whether you need a Personal Assistant to work one-on-one in a dedicated role with an executive or you need someone who can work in a corporate setting and can unify a team, investing in the right person is one of the most significant investments a business can make.

Qudos Recruitment has the experience, networks and expertise to identify the unique requirements of any EA role from middle management to ‘C Suite’ level.


Hire a Personal Assistant in Melbourne

Qudos has one of the strongest candidate networks of any recruitment agency in Australia.

We foster professional relationships across a diverse range of industries, providing access to the heart of Melbourne’s business community and the cream of Australia’s corporate talent.

The candidates we supply will grow relationships within your business, and develop networks with key industry partners to help fuel growth and professional development within your team.

The team of experienced consultants at Qudos Recruitment delivers outcomes designed to enhance your office team, with a focus on providing top-tier candidates that identify with the key values of your business.

Identifying the right-fit candidate for your personal assistant role will foster positive relationships within your office team, working as the glue that binds team members together.

Qudos is trusted by Australia’s leading businesses to recruit talented individuals for all types of Personal Assistant roles.

Where would you be without your Personal Assistant?

For many, their personal assistant is responsible for more than just taking calls and arranging meetings. You lead a busy life – it’s your PA’s job to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

While the role may not be permanent, it’s still as important as ever that your temporary personal assistant is on the same wavelength as you, and has the experience, skills, and initiative to facilitate your workload seamlessly.

At Qudos Recruitment, our approach towards temporary recruitment is the same as our permanent hires: it’s all about selecting the best skills, best experience, and the right personality to suit every type of company culture.

Traditionally a role dedicated to just one senior executive, the function of a personal assistant has expanded in recent years, often covering multiple managers and executives, and in some cases teams.

They provide high-level administrative support such as monitoring a Manager’s email, drafting communications on their behalf, planning and organising meetings and travel, preparing presentations and reports etc. They need to understand who the key people are within a business and build relationships with key stakeholders.

Qudos can help to identify when a role requires a Personal Assistant, or where it makes sense to hire a dedicated Team Assistant that can support a particular project or team.

Common PA roles include:

  • PA – Senior & Middle Management
  • PA – Corporate Advisory
  • PA – Office Manager
  • PA – Office Coordinator
  • PA – Team Administrator

The backbone of your team: hire a Personal
Assistant in Melbourne

Personal Assistants are the organisational backbone of a corporate team, providing vital links between senior staff and knowing how best to utilise the time available to your team.

The best Personal Assistants relieve the pressure of organising the personal and business lives of senior managers, helping them focus on the business and screening potential distractions.

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The best Personal Assistants aren’t just organised – they have a personal understanding of the person they’re working for.

We specialise in finding top PA’s for executives across all industry sectors. Our in-depth understanding of the requirements of a Personal Assistant combined with our rigorous recruitment methodology and in-depth personality and aptitude testing will ensure you’re connected with a PA you can trust to support your responsibilities, your workload and working style.

With over 20 years of experience recruiting high calibre PA’s for Melbourne businesses and organisations, you can be assured of finding the perfect fit with Qudos.


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Whether it’s a seasonal increase in demand or a valued staff member going on long service leave, we work hard to break the temp staffing stereotype and connect you with temporary staff who are equally skilled and competent.

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Recruitment is an arduous, time-consuming process. We take all that work off your hands, connecting you with permanent staff who aren’t just experienced and skilled, but who “click” with you, believe in your mission and fit seamlessly into your corporate culture.

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