How to get a job after you have been fired

First, understand that you’re not the first or last person to be fired.

So shed the shame and roll up your sleeves. Time to get to work!

Second, don’t lie. You don’t have to mention in your resume or cover letter, ‘I just got fired!’, but you do have to mention it in the interview and you do need to let a future employer know what happened.

Third, if you disagreed with your employer or didn’t fit the company culture or weren’t suited to the job, say so. It happens. Don’t bad mouth the employer. Put it down to experience and learning from it to be more discerning about your next choice of employer and job.

But if you had any responsibility in the reason for being fired, say so. The key to post-firing come back, is to first work out why the previous position didn’t work. Was it due to a bad fit or some specific personal issue that is now resolved?

You can then go into interviews ready with an honest evaluation of why your last position didn’t work out and the steps you’ve taken in your personal and professional growth to ensure it won’t happen again.

An excerpt from: Matthew Kosinski March 16, 2015 |

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