One of the biggest issues is finding the right candidates. Recruitment processes can be very time consuming and cost the company extra money in lost production time. Hiring, of course, cannot be avoided, so employment recruitment agency managers must find a way to make this process easier so that their businesses can be productive.

Using quality employment agencies in Melbourne is the answer to this problem. Recruitment agencies devote their time to interviewing and vetting potential employees and then matching them with the right position based on their findings. This eliminates a majority of work related to the hiring process for employers.

Our process of recruitment and selection of candidates is very defined. We complete a profile of all of our potential employees and match their results to the needs of your company. Only candidates with the most matching skills and requirements are forwarded to your company for the interview process.

You may ask yourself “why should I use a recruitment agency” when you could just run an advert and hire people yourself. There are three very good answers to that question.


Answer #1 The Recruitment Process

4 Steps of Employment Recruitment Agencies Recruitment Process

Our four steps of recruitment processes are designed to find only the best employees for your position or project. Our recruitment process include:

  1. Advertising in many different venues so that we can attract a broad range of candidates to screen. We also “head hunt” for many upper-level positions so that we always have access to the CV of some of the top professionals in Australia.
  2. We screen our candidates carefully. We verify experience, references, and educational background. We make sure that the applicants are exactly what their resume states.
  3. We go through a broad list of duties and responsibilities and talents so that we know exactly what the employees can do, what they like to do, and what they are willing to learn.
  4. We carefully catalog this information so that when a potential employer is looking for candidates, we can match them with the right employee. We will only send candidates with the most matching requirements for an interview to reduce the time the employer needs to spend on the hiring process.

Answer # 2 – Short Term Savings

If you just have a large project that you need to handle, or you are having a holiday rush, the cost of a temp employee may be more cost-effective than paying overtime to all of your current employees.

Using employment recruitment agencies in Melbourne to fill temp positions also lets you “try out” employees. Many employers feel more comfortable seeing how a person works or interacts with their company and employees than just relying on their CV. This saves employers valuable training time and expense if they are not really interested in keeping the employee.

Answer # 3 – Long Term Savings

Our process of recruitment and selection is very specific to the needs of the employers. We have found that most of our employers have watched their employee turn over rate drop significantly when they start using our candidates. When employees stay on the job, costs of training and replacements decrease and production increases.

Employees that remain on the job longer also reduce the cost and disruption that businesses experience when they have to continually find new recruits.
The real question should not be, “why should I use an employment recruitment agency“. Instead, it should be how can I use a recruitment agency?

Employment recruitment agencies offer the best way to get the right employee

Professional recruitment agencies such as Qudos Recruitment know how to get candidates for recruitment. However, not all agencies are dedicated to finding the right candidates for the right position.

We have dedicated our agency to match the right people with the right position using comprehensive recruitment processes. We know that businesses need quality employees, and we also understand that people need good jobs. Potential employees want positions where they can thrive and where they may not have to change jobs for a long period of time. We know employers want to retain employees that fit in with the company and want to stay.

It is our goal to make this happen for both sides of the hiring process.

If you are ready to find the right person to fill your temp or permanent position, you are encouraged to speak with one of our representatives today.
Whether it’s temporary recruitment for short-term roles or permanent recruitment for long-term positions, we can help!  We will work with you to find out exactly what you want in an employee. Finally we will find the right candidates to send for an interview. Our seamless recruitment processes are beneficial to all involved. Get in touch with our recruitment consultants today on (03) 9821 4144 or click here to submit your application.

You can also visit us for job agency in Melbourne: pop into our office at Level 5, 437 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.