Hiring is a tedious process. It takes time and careful consideration to find the right person for any job.

If you use an ill-equipped agency to find employees, then you run the risk of ending up with under-qualified staff that don’t fit the role.

And then you’ll find yourself back at the start of the hiring process, with wasted time and money, and a frustrated team desperate to fill a role.

All this can be avoided if you find the right recruitment agency from the start!

Qudos walks you through the signs to look out for to make sure you don’t make this avoidable mistake!

How do you evaluate a recruitment agency?

Before choosing a recruitment agency, you need to do the right research to try and find a reputable agency that can help you fulfil your specific goals.

Once you think you may have found one that can help you, it’s imperative to have a discussion with the agency, to make sure they do exactly as they advertise and have experience filling the types of roles required in your sector.

You need to ask the right questions and do the right research before you agree to use their services and sign any contracts.

Do I have to pay a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies require a fee which can vary based on:

  • The amount of employment steps you want the agency to take for you
  • The role you’re hiring for
  • The industry you work in
  • How long it takes to finish the hiring process
  • How many people are shortlisted

Always make sure that you ask for the exact fee before you agree to use their services.

What do people hate about recruitment agencies?

An unfair bias towards recruiters can sometimes make people hesitant when working with one. The fact of the matter is, anyone can claim that they work for a recruitment agency – and this can be a driving catalyst of why some businesses end up avoiding them all together.

We know that some recruiters have a bad reputation – and that’s why we work so hard to help your business achieve its goals, changing people’s minds about recruitment agencies, one business at a time!

Here are 4 red flags you must look out for.

#1 They have no experience

When discussing what you want with different HR recruitment agencies, ask them about their experience. How long have they been working for that company? And how long have they been working in HR in general?

If they are going to designate certain staff members to your project, then what is that particular person’s experience, and how long have they been working in HR? You don’t want to agree to an agency for them to then hand the task over to a newbie.

And what about your particular industry? It’s always best to align with a recruiter who has explicit experience with your own industry. HR companies deal with different industries every single day – including yours!

You can ask them to give references of their past work in your industry so you can contact their past clients and see how they found the process.

A good way to look at experience yourself is to search on job forums, as a lot of the time the job posting will reference the agency. This way you can gain some insight into the types of businesses and industries they look after.

#2 They are not qualified

Nowadays, Human Resourcing is a common Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree at multiple universities and TAFEs in Melbourne.

It’s especially important for the younger staff at employment agencies in Melbourne to have undergone this level of study, as it’s widely available now and wasn’t so much two decades ago.

Having the right qualifications is important as people need to prove that they have the utmost understanding of the fast-paced HR setor. The right training is a highly desirable trait that often makes or breaks a business partnership.

#3 They don’t have an office building or office space

Remote working is becoming more and more popular. However, there are just some jobs that can’t be done remotely.

One such example is recruitment and human resources jobs.

Recruitment agencies require a lot of clients, customers, and job seekers that need to access space for interviews and for meetings.

If accounting recruitment agencies say they work from home for example, then where are they conducting interviews? And if they leave all the interviews up to the business, then what exactly can they do for you?

If they say they also act as an executive assistant recruitment agency, then how do they expect to find a role as crucial as an executive, without meeting them?

#4 They ask the wrong questions

Of course, you will be sure to discuss your industry, your company, and the role you’re hiring for.

However, just as critical is making sure that they themselves can grasp the requirements of the role as well as unpacking the attributes they would look out for when recruiting for the role.

Marketing recruitment agencies, for example, might have a strict list of skills that they look for when hiring a social media coordinator.

With your recruiter’s skills and your in-depth knowledge of what you need for your business, you will come up with an agreeable list of skills required. This balance is key between recruiter and organisation!

A great understanding of the role required as well as the ability to encompass your unique needs makes for the perfect partnership.

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