Most of the people who come to our recruitment agency in Melbourne are either looking to fill a spot permanently, or seeking permanent employment.

However, not all of them are – that’s why we also offer services for those looking for temp work in Melbourne, as well as organisations looking to bolster their roster with temp staff.

If you ask us, this is an option that often goes ignored by both employers and job applicants alike – who knows how many opportunities you’re missing out on as a result?

And that’s why we’re here today: to walk you through just a handful of the reasons why you shouldn’t take temporary employment off the table just yet.


What does it mean to be a temporary employee?

As you might imagine, it’s fairly self-explanatory – it just means that somebody’s employment contract comes with a definitive end date on it.

That doesn’t mean that once said date passes you’re gone – in many cases, employers who’ve come to us for temp workers have decided to hold onto their temp workers on a permanent basis for a number of reasons:

  • They’re happy with the temp worker
  • They’ve realised how useful an extra pair of hands can be
  • Demand has continued, requiring extra staff to handle it

Unfortunately, a lot of job-seekers simply don’t include this when looking for jobs, deciding that they want a permanent role (and really, we don’t blame them). This often results in many fantastic opportunities slipping by.

While businesses are better with taking on temp workers, there’s still a degree of resistance going on. Many decide against bringing on temp workers, thinking that it’ll be “too much work” for somebody who isn’t going to be retained permanently.


Is it worth taking a temporary job?

Why you should expand your job search to temp work as well

More options

When looking for a job, it’s important that you cast your net as wide as possible – and that includes looking at openings for temporary work.

A lot of job opportunities are for temporary positions. By excluding these positions from your job search, you’re missing out on a lot of exciting potential opportunities.

Who knows, you might stumble upon an opportunity that you otherwise never would have found!

Get a taste for different positions, roles and industries

So you’re planning on switching into an office support role in a different industry – one you’ve got no experience in. How do you know if this one is going to be better than your current one? Do you know what you’re in for?

Or have you spent most of your career working in the major leagues, and you’re thinking of looking for something a little low-key at a small or medium business (or vice versa?)

Here’s a suggestion: give it a trial run by seeking out a temp position first.

Applying for temp positions can help you get a taste for different roles, positions and industries, which can be a big help if you’re planning a major career move in the near future.

Transition into a permanent role

Many jobseekers ignore ads for temp jobs, instead looking for permanent roles.

It’s your decision, and we don’t blame you for doing that – however, we feel like reminding you that it can still be worth sticking with a temp job, especially if there’s a chance of going permanent!

While it’s not a guarantee, in many cases, businesses opt to hold onto some of their temporary staff, especially if demand or the workload continues at its current level.

And that means your temporary role could easily turn into a permanent one!

What is an advantage of using temporary workers? Why temporary employees are popular with employers

Allows you to scale up and meet seasonal demand

You’re about to go into a high-demand period, and you need extra staff. However, you won’t need to keep them when business returns to its normal levels, so you can’t justify permanent recruitment.

Temporary staff give you a way to quickly bolster your team without having to make a whole cost-benefit analysis to sell the decision-makers on adding another member to your team.

Choose a job agency in Melbourne to take care of this for you, and we’ll help get you going sooner!

Cover leave

Employees have certain guarantees and benefits under Australian employment law – and that includes the right to take parental leave, as well as long-service leave for employees who’ve been with you for a while.

They’re within their rights to do so – so what do you do while they’re gone, and potentially for months?

The answer: bring in temporary staff to cover their position while they’re away.


Bringing on a permanent employee is always a risk – what if they don’t work out?

Luckily, temp recruiting offers a lower-risk alternative.

Since there’s a fixed end date, you won’t be locked in should you bring aboard a less-than-ideal hire. 

Hiring can be an expensive endeavour, so we understand why so many are hesitant about committing. Incidentally, this is also what drives our entire recruitment philosophy – we want to find the perfect fit, just like you!


Temp staffing FAQs

Our temporary recruitment agency in Melbourne deals with many businesses and job seekers alike who are new to tep employment and staffing. As such, they often have many questions about how it all works, and what they can do.

This part of today’s article goes out to all of those people!

How many hours can a temporary employee work a year?

A lot of jobseekers take one look at the word “temporary worker” and conflate it with casual or part-time work.

While it’s true that many temp work positions are on a part-time or casual basis, not all of them are – in fact, a good many of them are full-time positions (just with a definitive end date).

For example, many temp positions are to cover parental or long service leave. This can result in a full-time position being vacant for months – and that means months of full-time work for you.

Long story short, it isn’t just for one-off events or to cope with seasonal demand any more!

How long can an employer keep you as a temporary employee?

That depends on how long said employer needs you for. Each one has its own arrangements with temp staff, which can mean different end dates for your employment.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that once that date turns up, you need to leave immediately.

In many cases, our temporary staff have had their contracts extended, while some have even been converted into full-time employees because they’ve simply gotten used to having an extra pair of hands to rely on or simply because you’re just that good at what you do.

Do temporary employees receive benefits? What rights temporary employees have

Whether or not you offer temporary staff the same sorts of benefits as your permanent staff is largely up to you, and depends on the organisation in question.

It’s up to you whether you extend the same benefits and extras to your temporary staff (though if it’s a long-term trump role, we strongly recommend it since they’re going to be there for a while).

Of course, there are also a number of legal requirements that employers need to adhere to, regardless of whether or not they employ permanent staff or temp workers.

One of these is superannuation.

Australian employers are required to make super contributions to employees who receive more than $450 a month in pre-tax income. And of course, you can’t forget about payroll taxes either.

Finally, it’s important to remember that just like any other employment arrangement, there are certain laws you’ll need to adhere to when it comes to dismissing temporary staff.

Just like any other employee, you’ll need to go through the standard process for dismissing an employee, even though you have a set end date to their employment with you.


Get a temp staffing solution that’s perfect for you – get in touch with Qudos today!

There are countless temp recruitment agencies in Melbourne – what makes ours different?

Simple: because even for temp roles, we’re still hard at work finding staff who are the perfect fit for your organisation and role. We don’t let off the accelerator because it’s for a temporary position.

Our employment agency in Melbourne looks beyond just experience and technical skills, drilling down into applicants’:

  • “Soft” skills
  • Personality
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility

All of which helps us find the perfect for your organisation and its unique culture.

What does that mean for applicants like you? Simple: we’ll connect you with opportunities that “click” with your unique personality and wishes instead of just putting you in random jobs nilly-willy!

Find out how we can help you find the perfect temp staff to get you through the coming project, quarter or busy season – give us a call today on (03) 9821 4144 or by clicking here to get in touch online.