Job hunting is a normal part of life. Job hunting during a global pandemic? That’s another story!

COVID-19 has turned many ordinary facets of life on their heads completely, and that includes the job hunting process.

Let’s not beat around the bush – it is a tough time to be looking for a job, especially with the economic outlook.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible – our employment agency in Melbourne has helped countless people find permanent and temporary work even with the uncertainty of COVID-19 hanging over our heads.

That having been said, some things have had to change…

Hold on, people are still hiring?


You’d be surprised how busy employment recruitment agencies are, even during the pandemic.

While many businesses have had to scale down their operations, some have had to do the opposite, increasing the amount of work they do.

And that means taking on new hires.

Some businesses have decided to move major projects forward. Others are branching out into new business avenues and opportunities.

Either way, the end result is the same: more demand for both permanent and temp staff.

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How COVID-19 has changed the process of finding a job

And – what you can do to maximise your chances of being chosen!

It isn’t all bad news – it’s possible to find a new job, even during the pandemic.

However, it does mean that the process of finding and applying for one is a little different from how it would usually operate.

Once you account for these changes and accommodate for the new way of doing things however, it’s completely possible to find a new position or role.

Of course, the job market is looking a little bit different nowadays – and that means that the process of finding a job is going to work differently from how it usually does.

Take the time to polish your resume

This is good general advice – however, given the current circumstances, it’s important that you polish up your resume the right way!

In particular, that means focusing on polishing up your resume to include your digital skills and ability to work remotely – after all, that’s how a lot of business is being conducted nowadays.

With face-to-face networking (understandably) not possible for many of us at the moment, it’s more important than ever that you’re able to successfully network online to make up for it.

And that means ensuring that your online profiles – in particular, your LinkedIn – are up-to-date and projecting you in your best light.

One thing that a lot of people overlook when improving their resume is updating their LinkedIn profile.

If you want to give your profile a facelift, we recommend:

  • Adding your experience with remote working
  • Listing software that you’re familiar with
  • Updating your details and work history

Complete a short course (if you can)

If there’s one thing the pandemic has blessed us with, it’s more spare time – it would be a shame to let all of it go to waste!

Now, we aren’t proposing that you enrol in a brand new course (unless you’re trying to break into a new industry, in which case we encourage it) – if you can complete a short course however, go for it.

In particular, we recommend focusing on online courses that focus on training you in specific programs or software.

For example, if there’s one thing that the pandemic has been good for, it’s e-commerce. If you’re applying for businesses that have an online wing, getting familiar with platforms like Shopify, or completing a beginner’s course in Google Ads can make you an attractive candidate.

Best of all, many of these courses can be completed online for a reasonable fee.

If possible, our recruiters in Melbourne recommend sticking to short courses that come with certifications that you can add to your resume or attach to your LinkedIn profile.

Get up-to-speed with different remote working setups

So you’ve submitted an application, and it’s been well-received.

In fact, it’s gone so well that you’ve got an interview scheduled for later in the week. Now, it’s time to prepare for it and make a great first impression.

Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes: it isn’t really a good look if an applicant struggles to get their video interview to work (especially when you remember that a lot of work is going to be performed using these systems).

Before the big day, confirm which platform the interview will be conducted on, and do a test run with a friend. Ensure your speakers work, you have good headphones, and you dress for the part on camera.

Not to mention, if you’re going to be working from home, you’ll need to be familiar with your “tools” before you get started!

Keep an open mind

Really, there’s not much else to say!

You may not be able to be as choosy as you normally are given the circumstances – while we aren’t saying that you should just accept any old offer (it’s important that you know your own value), it doesn’t hurt to open yourself up to opportunities you would otherwise overlook.

Who knows, you might find something that you love!

Remember, it’s a buyer’s market

Given the current circumstances, it’s important to remember that the number of applicants is greater than the number of people hiring.

What this means is that your bargaining positioning isn’t as strong.

If you get past the interview stage and reach the point where it’s time to negotiate the finer details of your employment, this is something you’ll want to remember.

Simply put, you don’t have as much ability to demand special treatment. Be careful not to push things too far when hammering out the details of your contract.

Make sure you know how much you’re willing to give before you start negotiating – at the same time, it’s important that you know your value, and set out what you absolutely will not compromise on – that’s only fair to yourself!

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