Toilet paper and face masks aren’t the only thing that’s been flying off the shelves – in some industries, there’s also been a surge in demand for temp workers as well.

And we aren’t just talking about cleaners, medical facilities, and shopping centre stockists, either – COVID-19 has caused demand for qualified temp staff to skyrocket in a range of different positions and industries too.

While a lot of businesses have had to scale things back, a select number of industries have actually had to do the opposite, in many cases bringing on temp staff to meet demand.

Our temp agency in Melbourne has helped many of these businesses find the right temp staff they need to keep up with demand.

Of course, as we covered last week, the way we’re going about it is a little different from normal, to say the least!

People are still hiring?


Cleaners, warehouse workers, truck drivers, nurses… these are just some of the roles that have skyrocketed in demand over the last couple of months.

And behind these essential frontline workers is a small army of office support personnel – exactly the type of workers our temporary recruitment agency in Melbourne specialises in.

Meet increased demand

A lot of businesses have had to shed workers over the last few months.

However, in a handful of sectors, the opposite has happened – demand has actually increased!

With an increase in demand for these services comes a lot of extra behind-the-scenes work. 

While it may not be happening in a physical office at the moment, the right office support personnel – be they temp or permanent hires – can be crucial to getting through this period.

For instance, with a global pandemic comes a huge spike in demand for healthcare services.

What you may not have known is that it isn’t just nurses – we’re also seeing insurance providers and other healthcare-adjacent workplaces coming to us for temporary staff in Melbourne.

That’s just one of the industries our temp agency in Melbourne can help – demand for logistics, transport and shipping has also skyrocketed. And with that comes more demand for office personnel to support these essential businesses.

Temp staff for major projects

There have been a handful of “upshots” to the extended lockdown – for example, if you live near a rail line, you may have noticed that a lot of level crossing removals across the city are ready a lot earlier than projected.

Many organisations are making the best of a bad situation, using it as an opportunity to make changes, fast-track important projects, or research new markets and offerings.

After all, if we’ve been given a little bit of extra time, we may as well use it!

In many cases, extra staff may be needed to pull it off.

Temp staff aren’t just for dealing with unexpectedly busy periods – they can also give you an additional pair of hands to deal with a particularly large or challenging project.

As well as temporary staff, our temp agency in Melbourne also provides contract or short term employees for specific projects, allowing you to meet your deadlines and keep things moving.

Recruiting during a pandemic

We’ve all had to change the way we do things to keep ourselves safe – and recruitment is no different.

Some businesses have struggled to adjust to the new paradigm.

Luckily for us, much of our processes were already performed digitally anyway – we found that it allowed us to reach a broader pool of talented staff – so we only had to make minimal changes in order to adjust to the new recruitment world.

However as we’ve said, there are going to have to be changes on your end too!

Truth be told, most of the changes are things that were already important pre-pandemic – what COVID-19 has done however is turn them from “pretty important” to “make-or-break!”

Do you offer flexible working arrangements?

If offering remote working as an option was important before everything went down, it’s absolutely essential now – thanks, lockdown.

While there are certain jobs that can only be performed in-person, most office support roles don’t fall into that category.

If you want to recruit temp staff in Melbourne, you need a system that allows applicants to work remotely.

If you don’t, then don’t expect as many applications!

You can expect this to be a common question even post-pandemic.

One thing you can expect to become more popular post-pandemic is more flexible working arrangements. A lot of people have gotten a taste of working from home, and it turns out they’ve developed a liking for it!

Applicants will need to be flexible and adaptable

If there’s one thing the pandemic has exposed, it’s the need for flexible staff who are able to roll with the punches and successfully rise to the challenge.

This is just one of the soft skills which are a crucial part of recruitment – something that the pandemic has simply made even clearer!

When putting together a brief for a recruiting agency in Melbourne, you’ll need to think about what sorts of soft skills you want your staff to have.

That requires looking beyond the everyday tasks they’ll be performing when creating a job description.

You’ll need to write it in a way that makes it clear you’re looking for flexible, adaptable temp staff who can quickly adjust to changes.

Our team looks beyond job qualifications when finding the best candidate for your position – something that ensures you get a temp or permanent staff member with the right personality and traits to overcome whatever challenge your post-pandemic organisation will throw at them!

Technical proficiency is more important than ever

With so much office support work transitioning online, it’s more important than ever that your temp staff are able to quickly adapt to your remote working system.

The thing is, each organisation and business has its own way of working remotely, with different ways of:

  • Securing data
  • Sharing files
  • Communicating
  • Connecting to each other

And that means finding staff who are able to quickly pick up different programs and systems.

It’s always been crucial for your temp staff to be able to quickly jump in and learn on the ropes – only now, it’s even more important!

In addition to the traditional methods, our temp agency in Melbourne can also perform skills testing to determine candidates’ ability to use your unique remote working setup.

Staff need to be able to work independently

Again, this is an important consideration even during normal circumstances.

Of course, given recent circumstances, it’s gone from important to crucial!

Now that most office jobs have gone remote, it’s essential that you choose temp workers who you can trust to complete their work done without direct supervision.

The issue is that it can be difficult to determine just how capable of working independently an applicant is!

There are a couple of ways you can improve your recruitment process to account for this:

  • Asking interview questions about time they had to work on their own
  • Calling their professional references
  • Asking them how they stay on-task and focused

Of course, if you decide to hire temp staff in Melbourne using an agency, this is something you won’t have to worry about!

In addition to taking care of the entire recruitment process (up to the final interview), our recruitment agency in Melbourne uses in-depth aptitude and personality testing that can help you determine an applicant’s ability to work unsupervised.

Need additional staff to get you through the pandemic?

Our temp agency in Melbourne is here to help

Finding talented temp staff in Melbourne is difficult, even at the best of times. Add all of these additional considerations to the mix, and it can be difficult to find the temp staff you need to get through the pandemic.

If you don’t feel like you can do it on your own, our temp agency in Melbourne is here to help.

While the pandemic may have changed many things, our ability to connect businesses like yours with qualified, skilled, and experienced temporary staff remains unchanged.

Our process is focused on connecting you with the best candidate for the job. We aren’t just talking about their skills, either – we put considerable effort into selecting candidates with the right traits and attributes.

That includes the ones you’ll need from your pandemic lockdown hires!

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses, including some of Australia’s most recognisable names with recruitment services.

Additionally, 80% of our clients are so happy that they come back to us when they need to recruit again!

Whether you’re looking for temporary staff, permanent employees or are looking for temp work in Melbourne yourself, there’s only one team to call.

Get in touch with our recruitment specialists today by calling (03) 9821 4144, or click here to touch base online.

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