The case for considering TEMPORARY and CONTRACT STAFF for a COVID economic recovery is a strong one.

There’s a palpable enthusiasm by businesses to re-emerge as ‘new-and-improved’ versions of themselves as COVID restrictions lift around Australia.

The COVID crisis forced us to re-evaluate and adapt for our survival. It’s been harsh, often heartbreaking and incredibly challenging, but it’s forced many of us to do more with less. We learned how to work smarter with technology and how to manage remote workforces.

Many businesses have had to downsize and make some tough decisions about their staff numbers during this pandemic. We had to get lean and mean to survive. We had to reduce our head count to reduce our staffing cost base.

With restrictions now being slowly lifted, new activity is creating demand for goods and services and workers again.

If you need extra manpower urgently to cover the shortfall of a reduced workforce or if you’re planning to re-build your workforce, but hesitant to commit to permanent staff until the dust settles,  temporary or contract staff is the ideal solution to keep costs low, and provide you with the flexibility to scale up or down quickly and economically.

‘Never waste a good crisis’ has liberated many businesses from ingrained complacency particularly around their staff competencies and capabilities. Now is the time to think about your staffing needs for the future. Do you need the same people doing the same jobs as pre-COVID or do you need different skills for different roles for post-COVID?

COVID has fast-tracked the uptake in Australia of the global trend for contingent (temporary, casual, contract) workers. Here’s why:

Cost Savings

One of the greatest benefits of contingent (TEMP and CONTRACT) workers is the significant cost savings.

  • You pay no statutory salary on-costs to contingent workers (superannuation, sick, holiday, maternity leave entitlements, work cover, accumulated long service leave, etc)
  • You pay no payroll tax for them.
  • You pay no severance entitlements when you terminate their services
  • You pay no recruitment costs to a Temp Agency supplier for a quality Temp
  • With the fixed cost structure and limited tenure associated with these workers, you can determine a finite expenditure as you re-build your business.

Total staffing flexibility. No lock-in contracts

  • The immediate availability and flexibility of these workers means you can scale up and down quickly and freely without any termination obligations or costs.
  • The other huge benefit of the flexible nature of contingent workers is your ability to introduce specialist skills only when your business needs them. And, for a timeframe suited specifically to your needs.
  • This is also an ideal solution if you need to re-frame some roles that may now require different skill sets and competencies than what you have available now.
  • You can utilise TEMPORARY or CONTRACT workers for uncertain times and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Many companies factor contingent workers into their workforce to lower their permanent staffing cost base and liabilities.

Remove the expense of recruiting or risking a wrong hire.

  • Think about the cost to your business of recruiting yourself or making a bad hire.
  • By using a reputable TEMP RECRUITMENT AGENCY you will be assigned a professionally recruited, tested, reference checked and qualified Temp to meet your exact needs for how ever long you need them.

This is where Qudos Recruitment can help you. We have specialised in TEMPORARY and CONTRACT staffing for over 20 years. We ensure we get an in-depth understanding of your company, the role, the skills and experience required, and the context of the role to your staff and company culture. We guarantee every placement we make.

For more information on our TEMP and CONTRACT staff service and how we do things at Qudos, see more at Temporary Agency Melbourne 

If your business could benefit from the flexibility and savings that temporary staff provides, don’t hesitate to call and chat with a Temp team specialists for advice.

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Associate Director, Qudos Recruitment

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Debbie Herdman
Manager, Temporary Services at Qudos Recruitment


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