CV Tips: How to Write a Winning Resume

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Resume writing for everyone

Whether you want to know how to write a resume for the first time or are looking to freshen up an existing CV, we can offer the expertise you need for an outstanding first impression to any potential employer.

Read on for everything you need to know about creating the perfect template for your next job interview.

Information to include in your resume

Employers are looking for a quick bit of information about candidates and they generally only spend about one minute reviewing a paper or electronic resume.

More often than not, companies rely on robotic means to search resumes of potential candidates for keywords that are relevant to open positions.

Recruitment agencies can offer job seekers assistance with matching words and phrases from job descriptions to your resume. General information, aside from demographic information, should include:

  1. Previous work experience

    Employers are looking for candidates that are either already trained in their particular industry or have transferrable skills that can be used within their organization. Play up your strengths in the areas that best match the indicated position.

  2. Education and special skills

    Aside from formal education, including any special experience or certifications you may have received at your previous work in your resume writing format. Volunteer activities often offer certificates and relevant experience counts as education or skills on your job application or CV.

  3. Professional references

    Who can verify your skills and professional strengths? Be sure to discuss your job search with any potential reference before distributing their contact information. Let them know the companies you are applying to and the position you are most interested in interviewing for so they can answer questions appropriately.

Learning how to write a resume that gets results is easy with a few tips from the professionals. Remember that the best resume writing format for you will depend on your experience and your professional goals.

If you have years of professional experience, a chronological resume will probably meet your needs. However, if your work history is lacking substance, a skills-based resume will focus on your professional abilities and transferable skills while minimizing the lack of stability in your job experience.

Find work in Melbourne with Qudos

After you learn how to write a resume in Australia, begin your job search online or in person.

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