The way to overcome interview nerves is to put a totally different spin on the purpose of an interview so you really enjoy the experience and are able to put your best foot forward.

Ways to overcome stress before an interview

Those who suffer from interview nerves feel that an interview is like being interrogated and judged as not good enough for the job. Their fear of rejection makes them feel reluctant and nervous about attending interviews.

It’s really important to remember that the purpose of an interview is to assess if a job and a company really interests you. You may have been told about the job opportunity, but there’s no better way to get an accurate FEEL than seeing for yourself, face-to-face in an interview situation.

Remember, you must be a suitable applicant because they want to see you.

You usually get the opportunity to attend an interview at the employer’s site. What a great way to see if the location is easy to get to, what the site and the building is like.

Notice the atmosphere from the way people talk to each other, especially the receptionist. Ask yourself the question, “is this the type of environment I would like to work in?”

Change your thinking from “they’re checking me out, what do they think of me” to “let me watch and listen to the people here”. Observe everything with interest!

Check out the interviewer. Do they sound as though they like or are proud of their company? Are they really interested in you or just going through the motions? How much do they know and care about the job you applied for. Are they respectful, personable, friendly?

If you approach the interview with a genuine interest in the role and the company you’ll discover so much more, which will allow you to relate better and demonstrate your suitability, OR NOT.

Here are a few things that you can do before an interview that will remove the fear of the unknown and make you feel more prepared and keen to find out more. In other words, relaxed and enthusiastic to find out more instead of being tentative and nervous:

Things you can do before an interview:

  • Being desperate for work can make you overly nervous. Get some casual work to make ends meet while you are job seeking. Take the pressure off. Enjoy job searching.
  • Research. Get as much information as possible about the company and the interviewer if you can. There are so many online resources for this type of information. The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel. We, humans, hate the unknown. It makes us nervous.
  • Know your CV backwards so you can tell your story logically and easily. Know how long you were at jobs, when that was, why you left, what you learned and what you were best at in different roles. You will be asked and when you can explain your resume fluidly, you will have no reason to feel nervous.
  • Be prepared. Find out as much about the job description as you can, then think carefully about your own work experience so you can recall any relevant examples that might demonstrate your ability to do the job required. You have the examples sorted in your mind so no need to be flummoxed or nervous
  • Know thyself. Recall those instances and tasks that you enjoyed, were good at, had an aptitude for, had good feedback on. What were they? Ask people who know you or worked with you. “What do you think I was I good at?” Your self- assessment or other people’s comments may be beneficial information to an interviewer. No more need to be or nervous or feel caught out when you ‘know thyself’.
  • There will be things that arise in an interview conversation that you would like to know more about. When you are asked if you have any questions, this is your opportunity to ask about the company, the job itself, the company culture, training opportunities, career progression, whatever is of interest to you.

And finally …….

It may seem obvious, but give yourself the best start you can. Plan your route and arrive ahead of time and remember you are attending an interview for the purpose of seeing if this company and job would be a good match for you and the employer. How interesting.

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