Who wants to hand something as important hiring off to a complete and total stranger, when they could keep it all in-house?

It’s a common attitude held by businesses and management, and one that we see extremely often as recruitment consultants in Melbourne.

However, the vast majority of businesses in Australia are small and medium-sized operations that are too small to have a dedicated HR department. Recruitment often falls to business owners or department heads, which can lead to poor hiring decisions.

All of which could have been avoided by instead engaging the right help to assist in the hiring process instead of trying to do it alone!

There are many reasons to hand your recruitment process over to a professional instead of trying to do it on your own.

And today, we’re going to run through some of them.

Are you thinking about expanding the team? Need to hire temporary office staff? Need to replace a valued team member who’s leaving?


What are the advantages of using a recruitment agency?

1) Save time

How many responses do you get when you put an ad up? Too many to count, we’re sure!

If you had more time on your hands, you probably could go through each application individually. And if you were working at a larger business, you might have a dedicated HR department whose job it is to look after this type of stuff.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always how things usually shake out for business managers and department heads.

You’ve already got a lot of work on your hands – now add the time needed to read through resumes and sifting through them and you can lose a lot of productivity.

The immediate advantage of talking to job recruitment agencies is simple: your time won’t be consumed with hiring and recruitment!

2) Get the right tools

Hiring is a big decision – you’ll want to make sure you get it right.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time the only thing you really have to rely on is your gut. And while we’re sure you’ve developed a good sense for people, the fact remains that your instincts won’t always get it right.

Bring a little certainty to the recruitment process by bringing in a professional recruitment consultant.

In addition to saving time, we use a variety of systems and processes to make sure that you’re hiring the right person. Intelligence testing, personality surveys, technical tests… 

These are just some of the tools we have at our disposal.

While nothing is 100% foolproof, all of this does allow you to make a much more informed decision.

3) Cast the right-sized net

How do you source applicants for a position?

If you’re like most SMEs, it probably involves putting an ad up on an online jobs board or in the case of more niche industries, asking your existing team if they know anybody who’s in the job market that they could recommend. 

This can work, sure – however, it comes with its problems:

  • Online job boards are a scattergun approach – you get a large pool of applicants, but you have little control over the quality of applicants
  • Relying on recommendations means that your total pool of applicants can be quite small, limiting your options

A recruitment agency can help you devise a recruitment strategy that strikes the right balance between scale and specificity.

What’s more, we’ll use our connections to help connect you with specialised staff, and even go head-hunting on your behalf.

4) Ensure you comply with employment law

Hiring somebody is only one part of the equation – you’ll also need to think about all the legal stuff that happens when you induct them into your organisation.

And that requires an understanding of employment law, something that a number of HR recruitment agencies in Melbourne can help with.


More than just hiring: what are the roles of recruitment agencies?

Human resources

While we can’t speak for the entire industry, we can tell you that a great many permanent recruitment consultants and temp agencies in Melbourne can do more than just hire staff.

Take us for example: in addition to hiring, we also offer ongoing HR and training staff to help you maintain your staff relationships long after you’ve inducted your new hire.

We can use our connections throughout the recruitment industry to help you bring on your very own part or full-time HR manager to manage things like:

  • Employee induction and onboarding
  • Ongoing training and professional development
  • Obligations under employment law
  • Managing workplace disputes and issues
  • Staff evaluation and feedback
  • Handling leave

No longer will you need to look after all of this on your own!

Unbundled recruitment services

Additionally, our team understands that not all businesses need end-to-end recruitment services.

Maybe they…

  • Still want to be involved in the recruitment process
  • Are only having trouble with one particular part
  • Don’t want to deal with a particular time-consuming or monotonous step
  • Need a specific system or process

Each business has its own unique reasons for choosing to hand certain parts of the recruitment process off to an outside agency.

That’s why our team offers customised recruitment services.

We can tweak the exact recruitment services we offer you depending on what your business needs in order to give you as much (or as little) direct involvement as you want, as well as helping keep your costs down.

Why should job seekers use recruitment agencies?

It isn’t just businesses that can benefit from getting in touch with an agency – so too can job-seekers!

We get it: trying to find a new job can be daunting. It soaks up hours and hours of your time, and for positions that may not even be a good fit for your skills and career ambitions.

Luckily, it’s not your only option anymore.

If you’re tired of the grind of trying to find a job, the best thing you can do is get in touch with an employment agency.

What is the difference between a recruitment agency and employment agency?

We know what you’re thinking: aren’t recruitment agencies and employment agencies the same?

While they sound similar, the big difference is in how they help: recruitment agencies focus on helping employers, working primarily with management, while employment agencies work mostly with job-seekers.

It’s a subtle difference, but one that’s absolutely critical!

While the word “recruitment” may be part of our name, don’t let that fool you – QUDOS is also a fully-fledged employment agency as well.

Recruitment agencies work on a rolling basis, using their judgement to connect you to opportunities on an ongoing basis based on your skills, experience and personality – no need to type out yet another cover letter, resume or email.

Not only does working with an employment agency mean that you’ll be in the running for more positions compared to if you were job-hunting on your own. It also means that you won’t be on your own anymore.

The best recruitment agencies in Melbourne don’t just connect you with positions as they come in – they also double as employment agencies, providing oncoming support and sitting down with you to figure out your career goals and ambitions and connecting you with opportunities accordingly.


Is it worth using a recruitment agency?

In a word: yes!

Of course, making the decision to work with an agency is only the first step – just like it’s important to find the right applicant to fill a vacancy, it’s just as important that you choose the right recruitment agency to handle your recruitment needs.

We are a specialist office support recruitment agency in Melbourne that uses our connections, processes, and holistic view towards recruitment to find you the ideal candidate, regardless of whether you need to fill a permanent or temporary position.

By going beyond experience and skill and looking at things like personality, goals and aptitude, we’re able to find the best fit not just for your role, but for your organisation.

That’s our secret, and why we’ve managed to build an 80% retention rate!

Find out how we can help you today – get in touch with our recruitment and employment agency today on by calling (03) 9821 4144, or by clicking here to get in touch online.